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Altair sat in a murky tavern, wary of his surroundings. Information gathering was a thankless and tiring job but he was required to do it in order to be in the right place at the right time. He sighed and took another sip of water. He sat there for about an hour until he finally got what he was looking for. Three guards had just walked in the door, bringing the news from the city, parts where Altair hadn't visited yet.

"Have you heard," One said as they sat down at the table behind Altair," People are disappearing all over the city."
"10 in the rich district is what I hear."
The one that had just spoken shook his head sadly.
"Wee lads,too."
"Why would anyone want children?" the first one asked.
"Who knows, what I want to know is who's doing it." The Black eyed one across the table inquired.
"Have no idea, I hear it's only lads who have been taken."
"Nope, a young woman got snatched just last week."
"How do they do it?"
"Takes em' in the middle of the night, they do. And come morning, the people figure out that their loved ones are gone."

Altair decided that that was decent enough for a start. He stood up, paid the barmaid and walked out of the door.
Where to next, he thought.
Altair pondered that thought for a moment then decided. He would walk around and see what was interesting. His efforts were rewarded when he walked by the plaza . An old man was talking about how people should join him and help raise an army and whatnot.
When the man was done talking Altair slowly followed him into a back alley, one that was rarely used.
There the interrogation began. They started punching each other until the man cried out in pain and grabbed his newly broken arm.
"What do you want with me!" He yelled.
"If you value your life you'll tell me what I want to hear." Altair commented coldly.
The man glared at him and said nothing. That was a bad choice considering how bad of a day Altair had so far.
"You're testing my patience." Altair growled.
He flicked his hidden blade in and out, it calmed him to hear the gentle sliding sound, followed by a satisfying click. The man was unnerved by that and fidgeted. Altair rolled his eyes and slid back into the contractor.
"Where and When do Quadir and his followers meet?" Altair decided to start the conversation.
"When the moon is high, in the Northeast plaza."
"Good," Altair seemed satisfied and might have let the man live." goodbye."
"Wha-?!" The man dropped dead infront of Altair. His blood spilled over Altairs' boot.
"Disgusting," Altair commented as he examined his boot," Bastard probably would have left alive if he hadn't annoyed me."
Altair walked off to find the assassins bureau. Time to report in and get the feather.
Time for some one to die
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