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Altair slowly walked through the streets of Jerusalem. The guards were being particularly nosey, or more than usual anyway. That ass Merrick didn't think he had enough information. So hard to reason with him, that man can hold a grudge. He sighed and cursed when he heard the "pleasant" shouts from the guards behind him.
He turned around to see what all the shouts were about. He already knew, it was all to obvious. The sword on his hip and blade on his back were just screaming Assassin. Luckily some of the guards were either too stupid enough or slow enough to think he was a well armed monk. Some not all. Like these ones for example. Altair burst into a sprint and knocked down some stalls, ran down a few beggars, until he decided that he'd been leading them on long enough.
Altair whirled around. The guards were still there, albeit all the way ay the end of the street. He sighed, exasperated.
Do these guys ever give up, he thought as he rushed into a back alley.
He could still hear the cries of the startled people and the shouts of "Assassin!" and "Infidel". He grinned and started sprinting again.
"For the love of--" He grunted as the guards cut him off.
There was no escaping a fight now. Even the archers were watching from the rooftops.
If they want a fight they'll get one, Altair thought grimly and pulled out his sword.
Though it was twelve to one it was hardly a fair fight, at least for the guards it was. Altair crouched and waited, looking for the one that would move first. One on his left moved in, taunting.
Altair gave a humorless grin. two could play at that game. He slowly moved backward, retreating into the shadows.
"You fools!" A man that appeared to be the commander," This is an assassin we're dealing with, Watch your backs."
They turned around in the circles while Altair watched in amusement. He waited until they got dizzy.
They're bright enough to figure out an assassin, but stupid enough to start turning in circles. That just gave Altair the opening he needed.
He switched to his throwing knives and started picking off the archers while the footmen  played Ring around the rosy with themselves. They were too dizzy to notice the dead troops that started raining down.
Altair decided to leave the guards. They wouldn't cause any trouble. just in case, though, Altair went up to each of them and hit them in the back of the head with his sword pommel.
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June 25, 2009
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